2018 Winners and Losers

2018 was very different than 2017. The stock market already made the headlines, registering its first down year in a while.


Red all over. Regardless of the decimation of the tech sector, the Nasdaq performed slightly better than the broader indexes.

Asset Gain/Loss
S&P 500 7.00%
Nasdaq 2.73%
S&P 400 13.50%
Dow Jones 6.24%
Nikkei 11.67%


Surprisingly slightly red as well.

Asset Gain/Loss
30-Year US T-Bond 2.34%
10-Year US T-Note 0.56%
5-Year US T-Note 0.45%
2-Year US T-Note 0.26%


Massacre, except for Natural Gas where we saw extremely low supplies during the last quarter.

Asset Gain/Loss
Crude Oil 21.49%
Heating Oil 17.97%
RBOB Gasoline 29.08%
Natural Gas 5.91%


More red. The only bright star Palladium, which has had an extreme multi-year rally and is trading at all time high levels.

Asset Gain/Loss
Copper 22.54%
Silver 11.59%
Gold 4.43%
Palladium 14.82%
Platinum 16.17%


It was a turbulent year, so the dollar was up, the yen was flat and everything else – red.

Asset Gain/Loss
Euro 7.23%
Japanese Yen 0.05%
British Pound 7.22%
Swiss Franc 3.99%
US Dollar Index 5.82%
Canadian Dollar 8.67%
Australian Dollar 9.96%


A single winner here too – Cocoa. Pretty drastic moves overall.

Asset Gain/Loss
Coffee 26.96%
Cotton 6.91%
Cocoa 16.55%
Orange Juice 10.43%
Sugar 26.42%
Lumber 13.28%


Some green, some red.

Asset Gain/Loss
Oats 9.99%
Corn 6.07%
Soy Beans 13.13%
Soy Bean Meal 7.16%
Soy Bean Oil 20.15%
Wheat 1.26%
KC Wheat 6.86%


The cattle contracts were flat. The lean hogs was a loser.

Asset Gain/Loss
Lean Hogs 15.43%
Live Cattle 0.40%
Feeder Cattle 0.89%

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