Moved Quantscript to GitHub

Quantscript is an old project of mine, which was hosted on google.code. Since google.code is shutting down, I had to either scrap it or migrate it to GitHub. I am not using this code on a daily basis anymore, and since the project is relatively small – the natural thing would have been to scrap it. However, I found myself a few times over the years pulling out the source code of the project to follow as an example how to do different things in Python. Hence, I thought better to spend the time to migrate the project.

This small piece of code is good example of how powerful Python is. The project downloads data from the internet, processes zip and csv files, updates SQLite database, and all that without a single extra package! All batteries included indeed.

Recently I find myself using mostly Google’s Go as a server-side “scripting” language. Although I like many aspects of Go, from my experience, the APIs have a long way to go before they can be as easy to use and as powerful as what I have seen in Python.

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