Max-Sharpe ETFs for January

December’s Allocations were good for a 0.9% gain, which put the year at 5.1%. Nothing to be too proud of, but the full story is better. It will have to wait for another post, since the annual reports are not ready yet.

For January, the system wants to move into real estate (yes, I added the real estate ETFs back to mix, and a few other asset classes for that matter) and bonds.

ETF Allocation
US Real Estate (IYR) 58%
S&P 500 (SPY) 4%
US Bonds (TLT) 38%

These allocations illustrate a trait (the 58% allocation in real estate) which I am planning to address – extreme concentration in volatile assets. While I probably won’t blink putting even 100% in bonds or in US stocks, I can’t easily do that for any of the other asset classes. Let’s see how it goes.

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