Closing the S&P 500 Short Position

Another losing short trade, and a pretty bad one at that, but it’s also vacation time, so I simply closed my trading positions and am out until I return. With my luck (and one is much better off with some when trading) this year, my strategies are probably going to roar while I am out. Let’s see.


  1. Todd says:


    I hope you keep up the posts. I enjoy your blogs. Do you leverage options ever?

  2. Todd says:

    My strategy recently has been straddling fed reserve news on SPY and GLD. Both very very short term options(no more than 1o days). Doing very well so far this year.

    1. ivannp says:

      Haven’t touched options yet, but I keep hearing of successes with options, so who knows … maybe one day.:)

  3. Todd says:

    I want to stay in touch. We share the same interest in the s&p as our focus. I use R and other academic papers.

    I’d like to share some trading strategies of mine and see what you think

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